IL Corn Farmers and IL Ethanol Producers Disheartened by Brazilian TRQ Expiration

Upon the expiration of the current Brazilian tariff rate quota (TRQ) yesterday and its replacement with a 20 percent tariff of all imports of U.S. ethanol, leadership of the Illinois Corn Growers Association and the Illinois Renewable Fuels Association issued the following statement:


“Corn farmers rely on robust domestic and foreign ethanol markets to drive the corn demand that supports our families and our farms. The decision by the Brazilian government to raise taxes on U.S. ethanol makes our product less competitive in the world’s second largest ethanol market. ICGA will urge the incoming Administration to respond to Brazil’s action and ensure that U.S. ethanol is allowed the same access to the Brazilian market that Brazilian ethanol has in the U.S,” said Randy DeSutter, ICGA President from Woodhull, IL.


“Even with a significant fuel market in Chicago, Illinois ethanol producers are projected to ship nearly 1 billion gallons of fuel ethanol in 2020 out of our state. This tariff works to destroy the opportunity for additional international sales, which will have impacts on Illinois farmers and rural communities that are supported by a vibrant ethanol industry. Brazil’s decision to impose a 20 percent tariff on all U.S. ethanol imports must not stand,” said Eric Mosbey, ILRFA President from Lincoln Land AgriEnergy in Palestine, IL.