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Renewable Fuels Association

As the national trade association for the U.S. ethanol industry, RFA promotes policies, regulations and research and development initiatives that will lead to the increased production and use of fuel ethanol. » view

Clean Air Choice

American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest » view

American Coalition for Ethanol

ACE is the grassroots voice of the U.S. ethanol industry, the nation's largest association dedicated to the production and use of ethanol.  » view

Growth Energy

A proactive group committed to the promise of agriculture and growing America‚Äôs economy through cleaner, greener energy. » view

Illinois E85 Coupon Program

This program was created to provide flex fuel vehicle (FFV) owners the opportunity to try E85 fuel out for themselves. Many FFV owners are not aware that their vehicles are capable of using E85, a renewable and cleaner burning fuel that is made right here in the United States.  » view

National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center

NCERC supports a diverse clientele, including academia, government, technology providers, trade associations, and domestic and foreign ethanol producers. Its capable, skilled staff offers third-party validation and commercial testing of products, technologies, concepts and ideas. » view

National Corn Growers Association

The goal of the NCGA is to to create and increase opportunities for corn growers. » view