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Illinois Renewable Fuels Association

Lincolnland Energy, LLC


Lincolnland Agri-Energy, Inc., a 432 member co-operative; Indeck Energy Services, Inc.; Fagen, Inc.; and Meeker Limited Partnership


Contact information: 

Phone:  618-586-2321

Facsimile:  618-586-2430


Chairman of the Board: 

Gayle Kite


General Manager:

Eric J. Mosbey



Gallons of ethanol per year:  48 million gallons

Corn grind per year:  17-18 million bushels

Co-products produced per year: 

DDGS- 143,000 tons

Corn Oil- 1.2 million gallons                                      


Rail Line: 

Indiana Rail Road


Number of Employees: 



Unique Technologies / Products / Transportation / Markets: 

Corn Oil Extraction


DDG marketing and contact information:

CHS, Inc.

5500 Cenex Drive

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077 

Phone: 800-769-1066



Jody Green


Plant Manager: 

Neal Steffey


Commodites Manager

Clint Davidson


Date of start-up: 


10406 N. 1725th Street, Palestine, IL 62451

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